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Atlantic City – The Steel Pier – Showplace of the Nation

The Steel Pier shut its entryways on Labor Day Weekend for the last time. The smell of the sea, ocean air, cotton treats, popcorn and wieners is gone until the end of time. The Pier stretched out into the Atlantic Ocean - just about 1,000 feet.

During the 1940s, the spot to go in Atlantic City was the Steel Pier. The Pier opened in 1898. In its most famous period, performers ran to the Pier to engage guests particularly on Labor Day Weekend. Charlie Chaplin, the Three Stooges, Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra were a couple of the marvelous performers who excited the groups. Everybody realized about the Diving Horse. The pony and rider jumped around forty feet into the sea.

All things considered, times change and progress is here. The Pier is being substituted for new turn of events. Shops, stores and condos will supplant the rides on the footpath. Kids will miss the dock most. While grown-ups bet in the club, the kids, who were not ยูฟ่าเบท    permitted into the gambling club floor, were engaged on the Steel Pier in a suitable climate.

The music of the merry go round, made in Italy and hand painted with scenes from old Atlantic City, could be heard blended in with the chuckling and shouts of the youngsters while awesome music beat from the opposite finish of the Pier.

I find it miserable that progress has wiped out another milestone which is indispensable. Following 108 years, the dock is presently quiet sitting tight for the destroying balls to devastate it. I have been special to be aware and love the Steel Pier as a youngster and can impart this memory to my grandkids later on.

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